What is CityCoin?

Imagine a city where your vote has value, is incorruptible and helps you fulfill your dreams...

On January 12, 2009, the first transfer of bitcoins in history was made, since then the decentralized economy revolution has been unstoppable and with it a large number of projects have been born with different proposals to take advantage of the blockchain concept, going through galleries of art, decentralized exchanges (DEX), metaverse, or even games (NFT Games), this has managed to raise the interest and money of hundreds of millions of enthusiasts in the world, however, each project lands in the same reality, transforming the value obtained in the nft or cryptocurrencies in traditional money (FIAT), and this due to the lack of channels and acceptance of these values ​​for transactions in the real world, and this is where CityCoin will seek to bridge the gap.

CityCoin was born with the firm intention of connecting the blockchain with the real world, unlocking the value, ideals and confidence of its participants in the projects that they themselves support. All this may sound like a utopia, but it is possible under the concept of the blockchain, a public, decentralized, inviolable and therefore 100% reliable network.

CityCoin is a token that works under the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC), with the smart contract number 0xc7D495D8BA942d62e69ba5c617A8575beA35717a

In order to provide security and transparency to the investor, we make the CityCoin smart contract available to the public.

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