A trading Bot is a software that makes decisions automatically to make purchases and sales in the market.

There is a wide variety of services for managing investments in an automated way that offers the user profits without having to be aware of it, profits that range from 4 to 8% per year, such as banking institutions, or up to 12% per year. in investment stock. Of course, all these "safe" investments actually have a risk clause where, in the event of suffering an economic catastrophe, the institution or investment stock market is not obliged to provide those returns, and they can even become negative.

In this context, amateur investors seek higher returns by experimenting with stock instruments such as shares, indices, metals, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.; Studying graphic analysis techniques to have perfect entries and exits in them, thus becoming a full-time trader.

The difference between an experienced trader and a beginner is when he learns to control the three factors that most affect decision-making: fatigue, greed and psychological pressure; to achieve this feat can take years and will depend on the discipline of the trader.

Currently, technological advances have allowed the economy to interact almost immediately, allowing traders to execute orders digitally and even programming market entries and exits, starting the so-called algorithmic trading, making it easier for professional traders to implement their techniques in an automated way by calling these software trading bots.

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