CityCoin will grow with more projects destined for the benefit of its Cityers, and they will be the ones who in turn will vote for the ideas they want to be developed, we are a true democratic economic ecosystem.

Voting occurs when the CityCoin technical committee exposes the ideas that it believes have a great impact and benefit for the entire community on the project catwalk and makes it available for voting.

Each Cityer will be able to vote in the voting machine for the project they want, the cost of each vote will be 1 CityCoin, each citizen will be able to vote as many times as they want without limit, with the additional advantage that for each vote the voting machine will return Give the Cityer the following random benefits:

● Vote multiplier x10, x50 🔥.

● Prizes in CityCoins from 1 to 100

● Awards referring to the projects that are part of CityCoin, real estate 🏡, trading bot , cars 🚗, pizza 🍕, concerts 🎫, travel 🛩.

The projects with the most votes in a certain time will be those that the CityCoin community will develop for the benefit of all, allowing direct investment in these new projects with a return of fixed benefits.

The voting system can be used not only to choose projects, but also to make decisions that affect the direction of CityCoin.

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