Decentralization vs Centralization

The centralized money that we use from a specific country is called FIAT money (from the Latin fiat, 'be done') or money by decree and its value is supported by the trust of the issuing country, for example its economic policies, the value of the companies that are taxed, or in the natural resources that they possess such as oil, metals, food or water, and up to this point, in theory the currency of a country should be able to maintain a real balance; However, the human factor of those who hold political and economic power can trigger "corruption" that at a certain moment will cause an unreal value in the country's currency, generating inflation and consequently an economic crisis that citizens end up paying for.

With Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto had the vision of changing the centralized financial world forever, the initial engine of this vision was the World Financial Crisis of 2008, which accounted for the enormous global economic manipulation, the solution to this was the birth of a new system digital economy to have access from any device on the network, decentralized which means free from any bank or government that are the main manipulators creating inflation and poverty to maintain control, and finally private so that no one was persecuted or singled out as manage your money or by the amount you have. CityCoin follows the same values ​​and beliefs.

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