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CityCoin-CTC is the name of the Citycoin project token with which you can acquire real estate, purchase econosystem products and services, or even stake with different modalities.

This token was developed under a smart contract in the Smart Binance Chain (BSC) network and the contract number to be able to add it to wallets such as Metamask or TrustWallet is:

You can see the smart contract in the following GitHub:

A total of 21,000,000 CityCoin Tokens have been generated with a division of up to 18 decimal places and the possibility of voting and token burning by users. The selected abbreviation for this token is CTC.

Once the tokens were generated, they were stored in the 0xaC79f551016e82Ba620c3a948Ec948a407Ace10e wallet that corresponds to the ENS with the name albertohortabtc.etc who distributed the tokens to the main wallets that will be used to finance the project and give life to its economy.

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