Founders NFT Pass

The founding Cityers occupy a special place in CityCoin, since they are the pillars that supported the beginnings of Citycoin, they are considered gods of investment, born achievers 😎 and they can be easily identified since they have one of the 3 classes of NFT founder cards that give them access to different exclusive benefits:
All NFT cards allow Founding Cityers to be part of the whitelist for the pre-sale of the CityCoin “CTC” Token at a preferential price before its official departure.
NFT Silver - NFT Citycoin silver holders have early access to CityCoin (CTC) pre-sale at a special price.
NFT Silver Pass 000
  • There will only be 200 NFT Silver passes.
NFT Gold - NFT Gold holders have permanent access to the CityBot Trading Bot, with which they do not need to pay a monthly fee for renting the service.
NFT Gold Pass 000
  • In the voting system that will define each project update proposal, your vote will be multiplied x10.
  • Early access to CityCoin (CTC) pre-sale at a special price.
  • There will only be 100 NFT Gold passes.
NFT Palladium - The NFT Palladium is the most important of all, since it not only allows you to have a lifetime CityBot license, but also generates earnings for each payment made in the CityBot service rental.
NFT Palladium Pass 000
  • It is the first NFT system that works like shares of a company and that generates royalties directly to the wallets that have this NFT.
  • The voting in projects for the changes in the CityCoin project will be multiplied X50.
  • Early access to CityCoin (CTC) pre-sale at a special price. There will only be 50 NFT Palladium passes.
Last modified 5mo ago