Trading Bot

The stock market is the playing field where bears (sell) and bulls (buy) compete to determine the value of countries' currencies, commodities, and company shares. Here you can achieve great profits with the principle of buy low / sell high, these operations can last seconds or even days, it all depends on the defined strategy to achieve the desired profit target. The operations are carried out by a broker with a few "clicks" or by a programmed robot that connects with the broker and executes the operations following a strategy designed for it.

At CityCoin, we have been using a trading bot that we have developed for 4 years, and today the new version of the bot connects with the CityCoin blockchain, allowing the information of each operation to be kept for learning about it, which allows us to achieve monthly profits. average 2% to 4%.

With CityCoin and our trading Bot everyone will be able to participate in the stock market and its profits by doing the following:

1. They can participate as investors by blocking (Staking) from 1 CityCoin in the bot project, obtaining safe returns of 2 to 4% per month, under this modality they will not have to install the trading Bot.

The advantages of participating as an investor in our Trading Bot on the blockchain:

Decentralization: Operation of the bot in a decentralized manner, which ensures its operation without vulnerability to targeted attacks or other sources.

Freedom and Democracy: Everyone can participate in the stock market from 1 CityCoin as an investor.

Privacy: Participation as an investor in the Trading Bot is kept completely private under the CityCoin digital contract that shows who owns a certain stake for staking from 1 CityCoin, the investor user can unlock their investment and profits whenever they want, transferring you are to your Metamask wallet.

2. Another way to participate with our Trading Bot is for those who want to use it for themselves, either taking advantage of predefined configurations or creating their own strategies, they will be able to rent the use of the bot paying with CityCoin, we will include access to exclusive videos that will teach you how to operate it as well as to the statistics of the operations and results of the bot since its creation so that you can create your own strategies and backtesting. In this case, each one will be in charge of opening an account with the Broker of their choice, its use and privacy is the responsibility of each user.

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