The main features of CityCoin are:

  1. Value of the backed token from the first day in: Real-world real estate projects. Audited trading bot that generates profit of 2-4% per month in the forex market. real companies, constituted and audited accounting with real value in customers and sales.

  2. Governance and voting, a decentralized and incorruptible democracy to choose the projects that generate profit for all token holders.

  3. Global opening to receive project proposals that will be filtered to present to the community and that they can vote to choose the best one.

  4. Stacking on the projects voted by the community to generate fixed earnings in a certain time.

  5. Token listed in DEX to carry out trading operations.

  6. CTC Bank / DeFi, exploiting the full potential of decentralized finance by allowing the CityCoin community to apply for loans.

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