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Bakctesting is the process by which a trading bot is subjected over time to measure its effectiveness.

Our trading bot (autotrading software) is able to enter buy and sell positions in the most stable fiduciary pairs, such as EUR/JPY AUD/CAD CAD/USD USD/JPY and especially EUR/USD (EURO/ US DOLLAR) taking advantage of chartist market discrepancies to generate profits.

We have downloaded the history of the EUR/USD pair going back 10 years and testing our trading bot in all that time, including economic catastrophes such as the European recession and the COVID19 pandemic, generating approximately 1-4% per month. The report of this test is available for download together with the Trading BOT.

You can download CityBot AutoTrading Software 1.6 from this link

As if this wasn't proof enough that the algorithm works, we've put it to the test on an account for over 3 years, auditing the account so anyone can examine it.

Anyone can access the audited account from the following link.

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